There are many people involved in The Children's House of Bucks County, from longtime faculty and teaching assistants, to our Board of Directors and our Family/School Association. The one thing that ties all of these people is their love and dedication to The Children's House of Bucks County. Each and every day this dedication is seen and appreciated by all of our students and we thank everyone for their time and commitment to our fabulous school.

Our Faculty
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Head of School: Mrs. Kathleen Megahan

Business Manager: Mrs. Carol Hetzel

Primary Program #1: 

Directress: Ms. Elizabeth Hankin

Assistant: Ms. Gina Travisano

Primary Program #2: 

Directress: Ms. Janet Williams

Assistant: Mrs. Kelly Shepherd

Primary Program #3 :

Directresses: Mrs. Kathy Park

Assistant: Mrs. Sheetal Gohel

Assistant: Miss Elizabeth Hankin

Primary Program #4 :

Directress: Ms. Deborah Hepler

Assistant: Mrs. Sally D'Agostino


Home Environment:

AM:  Ms. Deborah Hepler

PM:  Ms. Deborah Hepler

         Miss. Elizabeth Hankin


Board of Directors

The Board of Directors of Children's House is composed of both parents and community members, and together have numerous fiscal and policy responsibilities, including:


President: Benjamin McDannell

Vice-President: Jenna Schwoyer

Treasurer: Sarah Daubert

Secretary:  Christina Martin

At-Large Directors:

Celeste Fland

Ryan Stoneberg

Robert Moratti

Suresh Rajappa

Jolly Paily Vazapphilly

David Russo

Family Events

 CHBC hosts several social events each year including International Night, Fall Family Fun Day, Valentine Social,  Breakfast With Someone Special, and the school's End of Year Picnic.  These events provide a wonderful opportunity for our families to spend time together.