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Behind the scenes at CHBC is a team of people passionate about children and the Montessori philosophy that includes our talented faculty and teaching assistants, our hardworking Board of Directors, and our wonderful families that volunteer for and support our fundraisers and events throughout the year.  The common thread that weaves our community together is our love and dedication to the school.  The students that pass through CHBC are forever imprinted with a lifelong sense of wonder and love of learning thanks to everyone involved!

Our Faculty
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Head of School: Mrs. Cassie Unrath

Finance Manager: Mrs. Carol Hetzel

Pre-Primary Program #1: 

Directress: Miss Elizabeth Hankin

Directress: Miss. Madison Mellinger

Assistant: Mrs. Gina Travisano

Assistant: Mrs. Traci Wilds

Assistant: Miss. Karly Mack

Assistant: Miss Emmalee Barkley

Assistant: Mrs. Kelly Shepherd

Primary Program #1 :

Directress: Miss Jennifer Von Berg

Assistant: Mrs. Sheetal Gohel

Assistant: Mrs. Ashely Smilowitz

Primary Program #2 :

Directress: Ms. Deborah Hepler

Assistant: Mrs. Sally D'Agostino

Assistant: Miss Karly Mack


Primary - 1st Grade Readiness Program :

Directress: Ms. Deborah Hepler


Home Environment:

AM:  Ms. Deborah Hepler

         Miss Jennifer Von Berg

PM:  Ms. Deborah Hepler

         Mrs. Ashely Smilowitz

         Miss Hannah Shepherd

         Miss Emmalee Barkley


Board of Directors

The Board of Directors of Children's House is composed of both parents and community members, and together have numerous fiscal and policy responsibilities.  To inquire about board membership please email


President: Ashley Carroll

Vice-President: Darci Hammer & Sean Theobald 

Treasurer: Dhiren Patel

Secretary:  Gabrielle Connolly

At-Large Directors:

Sarah Daubert

Mike Conklin

Family Events

 CHBC hosts several social events each year including International Night, Fall Family Fun Day, Valentine Social,  Breakfast With Someone Special, and the school's End of Year Picnic.  These events provide a wonderful opportunity for our families to spend time together.


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