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There are two main reasons why The Children's House of Bucks County is unique:


Each Child is Accepted and Respected for Who They Are

As a Montessori School, the Children's House of Bucks County provides all our students with an environment where they are valued, respected and accepted as unique individuals. We strive to build community in our classrooms and value  diversity. This is our school's culture. Come and see our classrooms in action.



It Really is an Individualized Educational Experience

Quite simply, one size does not fit all. Children's House provides each student with educational opportunities that are tailored to their individual needs. We do not teach all students as a homogeneous group, nor do we teach our kindergarten students to a standards-based curriculum simply to meet standardized testing requirements. Although other Montessori programs are adopting standards-based curriculum in order to follow current trends in public education, The Children's House continues to rely on the practical and tested Montessori method for all our students. As you can see from our curriculum, we provide a well-rounded educational experience that truly prepares our students for further educational experiences and exceeds public kindergarten school requirements.


As all parents recognize, each child is a unique person, with their own history, learning style, temperament, abilities and skills. For example, while one student may be in the early stages of reading, another may have more advanced reading skills. Because our Directresses know, understand and observe each child and keep detailed records on their needs and progress, they are able to respond to those needs. Using their observations, the Directresses provide lessons to each child on using specific Montessori materials that enable them to build on their existing skills and gain knowledge and understanding. By understanding each child's needs and providing the appropriate opportunities for self-learning, each child is given the opportunity to continue to progress at their own pace.

Be Yourself
Montessori materials
Famous Montessori Graduates

Katherine Graham, Previous Owner/Editor of the Washington Post

Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis, Editor, Former First Lady

Anne Frank, Famous Diarist from World War II

Gabriel Garcia Marquez, Nobel Prize winner for Literature

Jeff Bezos, Financial analyst, founder, AMAZON.COM

Prince William and Prince Harry, English royal family

T. Berry Brazelton, Noted pediatrician and author

Julia Child, Famous chef and author

Melissa and Sarah Gilbert, Actors


Famous People Who Chose Montessori School for their Children

Stephen J. Cannell, TV writer-producer-director

Patty Duke Austin, Actress

Cher Bono, Singer-actress

John Bradshaw, Psychologist and author

Yul Brynner, Actor

Marcy Carcy, TV producer

Bill & Hillary Clinton, Former President/Senator, NY

Michael Douglas, Actor

Shari Lewis, Puppeteer

Yo Yo Ma, Cellist

Others With A Montessori Connection
  • Alexander Graham Bell, a noted inventor, and his wife Mabel supported Dr. Montessori financially and helped establish the first Montessori class in the United States in 1913.

  • Mister Rogers, a children's TV personality, strongly supported Montessori education.

  • A noted scientist and inventor, Thomas Edison, helped found a Montessori school.

  • President Wilson's daughter was a Montessori teacher.  There was a Montessori classroom in the White House during Wilson's presidency.

  • In a Barbara Walters interview, Google Founders credit their success to their Montessori Education.  They said that attending a Montessori school taught them to be self-directed and self-starters.  They said that Montessori allowed them to learn to think for themselves and allowed them to pursue their interests.

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