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Primary students

Program Options:
Three or Five Days 
Full Day 8:45am-3:00pm
Half Day 8:45am-11:45am
Half Day with lunch 8:45am-1:00pm

The Primary (Preschool) program is available for children ages two years, ten months through six years.  This Montessori classroom is geared to the pace and interests of children, giving them freedom in an environment prepared with attractive materials. Children can choose their own activities to work alone or in small groups with the Montessori materials for most of the session.

Children enrolled in the three-day option may switch to a five-day attendance upon consultation with their Directress and the Head of School. It is expected that 3-day children will enroll for a 5-day (half or full day) program their second year at The Children's House. Children entering their 1st grade readiness year at CHBC should have experienced at least one full year of a 5-day Montessori primary.

The Primary Curriculum

The materials are divided into seven main groups:


  • Practical Life includes activities of daily living such as learning to button and tie, pour, spoon, and clean up after oneself. These develop concentration, self-esteem, and fine motor skills.

  • Sensorial Materials such as the Tower of Cubes (Pink Tower), Color Tablets, and Mystery bags spotlight the use of the senses to discriminate differences in the environment.

  • Math Materials such as Cards, counters, and golden beads help children develop an awareness of basic math concepts.

  • All areas of the classroom involve language development. However, there is a particular Language area with materials such as Sandpaper Letters, Sound Boxes, a Movable Alphabet, and Metal Insets to develop writing and reading skills.

  • Creative Arts and Crafts allow for self-expression and motor development.

  • Science, fundamental biology, and physical science are explored through the care of animals and simple experimental "works."

  • Cultural Diversity is introduced through Puzzle Maps, celebrations, etc.

Before or after "Work Time," children and adults gather for "Line."  Songs, finger plays, discussions, short group presentations, story reading, and Show & Tell take place under the direction of the Directress. Special programs may be presented by parents or individuals from the community who share unique talents or knowledge with the children. We invite parents to share their cultural, ethnic, or professional interests, hobbies, and skills. Supervised gross-motor playtime is scheduled for each session. This is usually outside in the fenced playground.


Primary students
Primary students
Learning Challenges

The Children's House is prepared to work cooperatively with parents in assisting children with learning challenges. Should a Directress or parent suspect a child is having difficulty in speech, hearing, vision, or emotional and behavioral problems, the school may refer you to an outside source for evaluation.

Curriculum Information

For more detailed curriculum information, please feel free to contact us.

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